Cosmos Ethic Luxary

Cosmos Ethic Luxary

Cosmos Ethic Luxary

100% natural, transparent and smart skincare.

100% active concentrate products, water free, alcohol and toxic substances free. Only Filled with the most precious treasures nature has to offer. Think and made in our Laboratory in Provence France, with the best care for your skin and the skin of the people you love.
We thought your skincare from the content to the container.

100% ethic

Comette means 3 years of studies, trials, tests, to create a brand 100% ethic fro the contents to the containers.

100% natural

Comette uses local products and all of them are 100% natural, responsible and transparent. Ingredients from farming are 100% organic.

100% made in France

Comette is 100% made in France with a lot of passion and love, in our laboratory in Provence


Thyme after Thyme

We do not talk so much about it but thyme is very present in our cosmetics products, particularly in our body balm "Body bôm" which is made of 100% organic ingredients. The Thyme essential oil we use is wild picked around Crillon le Brave in Lubéron, Provence at the...

Portrait of our favorite beekeeper

Do you like honey? Well me too, but not just any honey you see … When you have the chance to be born in Provence, there is only one honey that is worth it and it is … Lavender honey It is nicknamed the gold of Provence and there is an obvious reason for this: its...

A few years back or how everything started…

A few years back or how everything started… Comette cosmetics was not created in a day, but what has been done in one day you’d tell me!? I have always been a “country side” kind of girl although I am just beginning to understand the deeper meaning of these words! I...

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