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The first 100% Organic cosmetic brand dedicated to the whole family, Mom, Baby and breastfeeding friendly

Comette Cosmetics is a 100% French and artisanal brand. Here we offer you a complete range of products specially designed for the most sensitive skin. 


All our products are handmade in our Laboratory in Provence France, by our greatest care while respecting our deep values :


🌷. Wild picking

🤝. Short circuit

🌓. Biodynamic

🌱. Organic agriculture

♻️. Container deposit

🏋🏽‍♀️. Support for French and Women’s handworker

The choices from our container to our content are made with a lot of thought to develop cosmetics that respect the environment and are very efficient.


100% active concentrate products, water free, alcohol and toxic substances free.. Products that last a long time and that will give full meaning to the term “Take care of yourself and those who are dear to us”.


Our selection of the moment:

🍂 FALL IS HERE 🍂  Like every year, summer has flown by to quietly give way to the coolness of fall. Autumn, the season of the warm bath, introspection and the fireplace. In short, it’s the perfect time to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here’s a Comette fall routine that’s just perfect for that:

  • Deep cleanse your skin:

The vacations are already long gone and it’s time to start off on the right foot. It is at the change of season that the “rebound effect” appears. The skin has a tendency to thicken and thus to imprison the excess of sebum. So we purify our skin morning and night with our Cocoon soap with Olive Oil which cleanses the skin deeply.

  • Say goodbye to crocodile skin!

Between two hot chocolates, we exfoliate our skin at least once a week with our Léon solid body scrub and Coco Loco for the face, which is gentle but highly effective. The scrub will not make your skin disappear, on the contrary! It will get rid of dead cells and will sublimate your skin.

  • We moisturize and nourish as much as possible:

We moisturize morning and evening with real plant concentrates Oh my Lavender during the day and Full möon at night. Exceptional balms for maximum comfort.

  • Take time for yourself:

We leave the stress of September behind us and we run a hot bath, we enjoy the ready-made mixture of our regenerating bath salt Voyage Corsica, top also in foot bath and we relax everything.

In short in May do what you like but in October too 🧡

EXCLUSIVE this month, the Bobo balm stick version as a GIFT in all your orders from 70€ of purchase.

Attention ULTRA LIMITED edition … !

Two new releases not to be missed this month!!!

Our two Tubes of the Year 1952 and 1956 are now available in our discovery box set in a travel size!

100% ethic

Comette is three years of research, trials, tests, to create a range of 100% ethical products, from the container to the content.

100% natural

Comette uses local and 100% responsible products. The ingredients of the agriculture are all organic and all products are under the Nature & Progrès label.

100% made in France

Comette is 100%, Made In France and handmade in Drôme Provençale ! 

The latest news

Thyme after Thyme

Thyme after Thyme

We do not talk so much about it but thyme is very present in our cosmetics products, particularly in our body balm "Body bôm" which is made of 100% organic ingredients. The Thyme essential oil we use is wild picked around Crillon le Brave in Lubéron, Provence at the...

Portrait of our favorite beekeeper

Portrait of our favorite beekeeper

Do you like honey? Well me too, but not just any honey you see … When you have the chance to be born in Provence, there is only one honey that is worth it and it is … Lavender honey It is nicknamed the gold of Provence and there is an obvious reason for this: its...

A few years back or how everything started…

A few years back or how everything started…

A few years back or how everything started… Comette cosmetics was not created in a day, but what has been done in one day you’d tell me!? I have always been a “country side” kind of girl although I am just beginning to understand the deeper meaning of these words! I...


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