FAQ – Comette Cosmetics

What is the best way to keep my products Comette cosmetics?

There is no particular indication for keeping Comette cosmetics products. Indeed, the containers have been specially selected to protect them from the light, unless you lived in an igloo in Alaska or in the Sael desert. Nevertheless, if you want to keep a product optimally, then it is advisable to keep them in a cool and dry place away from light. The fridge is the best option available to you!

What is your return policy?

Are you sure of yourself? If so, it is completely possible to return a product (obviously never used) as indicated in the general conditions of sale that we invite you to discover here. Do not panic, we will not put you on the black list !!

Who creates the products, how and where is it created?

To know all about who is hiding behind Comette cosmetics, we advise you to click on this link, and if that is not enough then click on this one !!

I am pregnant, Can I use your products?

Comette cosmetics loves pregnant, breastfeeding women and babies. So we obviously thought of making products 100% from organic farming, without essential oil (which are not recommended for them). I invite you to click on the following links to see the range of products dedicated to pregnant, breastfeeding women and babies. Moreover, if you go on the shop, Comette has facilitated the work and created a range dedicated to these people and it is called Baby Romy.

It is really hot and my products have melted, what do I do?

Do not panic !!!!! Take a deep breath, everything is okay! No you have not been fooled, and no you do not have to throw away all your Comette Cosmetics products. In your products is a concentrate of nature and therefore of life: the ingredients with the heat are separated, “out of phase” in cosmetic language. Heat them gently in a bain-marie, the content should heat to around 40 degrees celsius (almost the temperature of the body), soak your finger (it should not burn). Then leave the closed products in the fridge for a few hours. TADAAAAAAAM magic happened and your products are like new ..

What is the difference between natural and organic?

Comette does not like the word” natural “because it is used wrongly and often misleads the consumer.At Comette Cosmetics, it’s simple: everything that comes from farming is organic . In contrast Comette cosmetics also uses the highest quality salts, clays and these ingredients are not listed as part of farming, so some of Comette cosmetics products are not 100% organic, BUT all the ingredients are of natural origin, not created chemicaly in a lab with toxic chemicals

I have a question that have no answer for now, what can I do?

Do not hesitate: you can contact Comette Cosmetics via the contact form, it will only take a few minutes. Comette cosmetics team will be happy to answer you!

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