We do not talk so much about it but thyme is very present in our cosmetics products, particularly in our body balm “Body bôm” which is made of 100% organic ingredients.

The Thyme essential oil we use is wild picked around Crillon le Brave in Lubéron, Provence at the bottom of Mont Ventoux by Manuel Larraux from “La table des Lutins”.

This essential oil is certified in Nature and Progress which is by far the most stringent label in terms of organic farming.

The virtues of Thyme are extremely numerous and effective. The essential oil of Thyme is a tonic, a great disinfectant and healing (used in honey in some clinics to facilitate healing), a powerful antibacterial that stimulates the immune system and tones the whole body.

Do not hesitate to contact and support Manuel who also makes herbal juices, exquisite jams and who will be happy to share with you all his passion and knowledge:

Manuel Larraux
484 Roques Road
84410 Crillon Le Brave – FRANCE
Call me at: +33 6 80 66 96 77
E-mail: contact-lutins@latabledeslutins.com

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