Do you like honey? Well me too, but not just any honey you see … When you have the chance to be born in Provence, there is only one honey that is worth it and it is … Lavender honey

It is nicknamed the gold of Provence and there is an obvious reason for this:
its golden color

But Lavender honey also has a succulent and sweet taste, a creamy texture and benefits recognized for thousands of years now.

Indeed Lavender honey is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and soothes, regenerates cells and the immune system. It is for all these reasons that we use the lavender honey in Comette cosmetics products including the Coco Loco facial scrub!
Our beekeeper Damien is a shy guy who communicates much better with his bees than with humans! He is passionate about nature, the well-being of his protected beings, constantly looking for healthier, more remote places to create the purest and most concentrated product.

his filtering methods make honey highly concentrated in propolis and that’s the detail that makes all the difference.
Propolis is a magic ingredient as it has many benefits:
cell regenerator

These beautiful photos were of course taken by Damien our beekeeper who has many talents including the one of photography; especially when the model has a pair of wings and yellow and black stripes !!!
Feel free to contact us for information from our favorite beekeeper and support him by buying his honey.
The cause of bees is primordial then let’s act together to all benefit from their millennial experience …

See you soon,