Welcome in Comette Cosmetics universe

A concept of 100% smart, natural,transparent and ethic cosmetics
The story of Comette is first and for all a passion for nature, humans, animals, planet earth, actual the entire universe.

100% ethic

Comette means 3 years of studies, trials, tests, to create a brand 100% ethic fro the contents to the containers.

100% natural

Comette uses local products and all of them are 100% natural, responsible and transparent. Ingredients from farming are 100% organic.

100% made in France

Comette is 100% made in France with a lot of passion and love, in our laboratory in Provence

Behind Comette there is me, Alice, a young and highly sensitive woman, passionate about nature and adventures.

I am the big traveller type, born almost in a Lavender field between olive trees, bees, cicadas and Cypress trees.
Then as soon as I could, y parents giving e the taste for travels, I took backpack and left Provence for Peru, India, Australia, England, Chile, Laos, Bolivia…
I discovered sacred lands, sacred people, sacred cultures and rituals. When I came back, my niece was born, that’s when I research about skincare a lot and decided to mix my experiences and knowledge to create cosmetics that will make you travel, protect and take care of your skin fully.

This is when the long process of researches, tests, certifications started in order to create the best formulas and textures while respecting humans and nature. Comette really is the result of cultures meetings, travels, discoveries of plants, the love I have for my niece and my Provence roots.

My biggest wish is for Comette cosmetics to take the place it diserves in this Universe

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