A few years back or how everything started…

Comette cosmetics was not created in a day, but what has been done in one day you’d tell me!? I have always been a “country side” kind of girl although I am just beginning to understand the deeper meaning of these words! I never imagined making cosmetics or simply exercising a job related to plants, nature and even more a job combining chemistry and very specific knowledge.

My Physics teacher would have certainly not believed you! I should probably give him a call! Many years later, here I am, 29, a woman entrepreneur and owner of my cosmetic company, offering a range of 100% natural cosmetics, that I create in my laboratory in Provence France.

Let’s start by explaining why and how. First of all, I have always been passionate. An enthusiast of everything, theater, art, music, flowers, cooking, dancing, stars, reading, travelling, long story short, nothing bores me except perhaps the fact of literally being bored by doing nothing but that’s not even sure.

From this excessive curious nature and from not being able to hold still, after I graduaded business school, I decided to go to South America for several months. I fell in love with this continent and my curiosity being greater than me, I continued to travel for years to Australia, the United States, India …

During all these trips I met thousands of human beings, discovered dozens of cultures, rituals, beliefs and especially ways of living and seeing life.

An important event that I will reveal on an other article, pushed me to think about the impact and especially the mark that I will leave on this Earth, so precious, so marvelous, and after reflection I decided to minimize my impact and do everything to leave a mark that could make a difference.


That’s when Comette was born …

Here is this first article of a long list, dedicated to those who would like to know a little better the person who is behind Comette cosmetics and who are also curious to the core.

In this blog, you’ll find portraits of thelocal farmers I work with, but also tips, recipes, behind the scenes photos, videos and the progress of Comette cosmetics life and her creator. Finally, a free space of comments and questions that I will try to always answer my best.

See you soon,